The Webflow Analyser can be access with the following Transaction Code :
/PROMENTA/WFRM_ANYSR for full access – this is usually administrators
/PROMENTA/WFRM_ASR_D for display-only access

See Authorisations section for role requirements :

Key Features

  • Report on in-process, submitted and completed webflows
  • Convenient access to Workflow logs
  • Quick check for current users
  • View approval history
  • View errors captured in a process
  • Resend missed notification emails
  • View data of a webflow
  • Configurable columns (info1 & info2) enable request data (for example vendor numbers, material numbers etc) to be shown in the summary

Selection Screen

The selection screen allows you to restrict the webflows selected based on change date,status, user id.

Report List

The list shows the following information :

  • Form Id : This is the technical id of the webflow process
  • Description : Each running webflow has a description 
  • Created by : the user id of the user who created the request
  • Last changed : Last change date of the form. This may be caused by data changes, status updates or form access (in some situations)
  • Status : The current status of the webflow process
  • Detail  : Enables access to the webflow data
  • Change : Enables the webflow dta and status to be changed – this should NOT be be done on production systems
  • History : Show the webflow approval history  
  • Open : Enables the administrator to open the webflow – a new browser window will be opened
  • Current Users : Show the current workflow approvers
  • Workflow : View the workflow log
  • Messages : View stored messages for this webflow
  • Excel : Internal Use only
  • Set to Error : Set the webflow to Error status and cancel the workflow
  • Delete : Set the webflow to Deleted status and cancel the workflow. The webflow will no longer appear in reports.

Version popup

Since 1.6 SP28 you can now see the current installed version by clicking the “Show Version” button in the analyser.

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