Analyser – Configuration

The Analyser shows generic data about each request such as request number (formindex), dates submitted, approval history etc. However it is often useful to view specific application-level information about a request in the report. For example it may be required to display vendor numbers against all vendor requests so that specific vendors can be searched on

To enable application level data each webflow must be individually configured to specify which request fields should be used

Values shown in columns info1 and info2 can only be single field values from the request


Determine the technical webflow id for the specific webflow

Determine the field names of the webflow that will be used to populate the columns info1 and info2


1) Copy and override delivered decision tree /PROMENTA/MCC_WEBFORM_ANALYSER using the decision tree tool described (here ==> decision tree)

2) Navigate to node STEP=CONFIG then KEY1=CUSTOM_COLUMNS

3) Create a new node under KEY1=CUSTOM_COLUMNS – it should use FIELD = KEY2 and VALUE should be the webflow formid

4) Enter up to a maximum of two rows (with FLDID=RESULT) for the custom data

5) For column info1 the entry is CUSTOM1=

6) For column info2 the entry is CUSTOM2=

7) save and transport the changes through the landscape


The example below shows the decision tree configured for the Promenta standard solution for Invoice posting ( /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP002 ) . It is showing vendor number in info1 and invoice total in info2

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