Analyser – Transaction Log

The Transaction Log shows the list of transactions contained in webflows which are integrated into it. Note that not all Promenta solutions use the Transaction log.

The list of included transactions along with their status is shown. 

Status meaning:

  • OK : Transaction completed correctly
  • ERR_TMP : A temporary error occurred (for example a record was locked by another user). The update may be retried if supported by the solution
  • ERR_PERM : A Permanent error occurred (for example a configuration error). The update cannot be retried.

ERR_TMP and ERR_PERM status can be changed by clicking the “Change Status” column. You can change between the two error statuses. 

Often if a temporary error cannot be resolved you may want to change teh status to permanent error as then you can open the Promenta solution again and retry. The transaction will be skipped and so the request itself will complete and carry out its follow-up tasks such as email sending. 

Note : The retry behaviour and error handling is controlled by the Promenta solution and  may have different behaviour between solutions.



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