As users and system events access webflow processes so the number of webflows stored in the database will increase. Webflows may contain legal or statutory data and will have a defined retention period whereas other webflow processes may be of no further use once they are completed.

Note : critical data for completed requests cannot be deleted. Only attachment data which uses a lot of space can be removed.

– Webflows can be individually configured
– Define if webflows are deleted or deleted with archiving– Define retention periods per webflow
Internal archiving – no additional archive solution required
– Plug-able – may be integrated with other archiving solutions

SP27-2 : Webflows can now be processed to remove just the file attachments to reduce database storage requirements while still keeping audit.

SP38-3 : Archiving option (to copy data from main tables to mirror tables) is no longer supported and cannot be used. Customers should use their own archiving strategy if they wish to archive the data ahead of deletion.

SP39 : Deletion of COMPLETED request no longer allowed. Instead use DEL_ATTACH to free up database space if required.

Background Task

Background task /PROMENTA/WEBFORMS_ARCHIVE should be scheduled once per day as a background task. From SP29 variant /PROMENTA/JOB can be used to schedule with standard settings

Note : By default the webflows are archived to cluster table /PROMENTA/TTA02


Decision Tree /PROMENTA/WEBFORMS_ARCHIVE is used to control the archive process. Customers would normally copy and override this tree.
Customer should NOT change this tree directly.

Decisions can be made on values of FORMID (the webflow ID) , FORMSTATUS (the current status of the webflow) and Dataflow id 

Data returned from decision tree:

ACTION – can have one of these values

  • DELETE – webflow is deleted completely. NOTE : cannot be used with COMPELETD requests since SP39
  • DEL_ATTACH – webflow file attachments are removed – see later section
  • ARCHIVE – webflow data is archived and then deleted     This option no longer supported since SP38-3
  • NONE – take no action

enter the number of days in the past (from run date) that the action should occur. Minimum value is 1 day (ie yesterday).


The example below shows a node highlighted in orange.

This setup would apply these rules :

IF FORMID (webflow id) = /PROMENTA/EXMP2_1 
    AND FORMSTATUS (the current status) = PRPROCESS (in process)
AND DAYS_IN_PAST (the age of the request) is more than 1 day
ACTION = DELETE (the request will be deleted completely)

Attachment Deletion

Since SP27-2 it is possible to configure the archive process for removal of attachments only. This considerably reduces the database size of the attachments table while maintaining the audit history.

When Action is DEL_ATTACH then the attachments are deleted and replaced with a small text file “DEL_ATTACH.txt”.

The replacement text file contains the date and time of the deletion and also the original filename.

Note : It is not guaranteed that older Promenta requests can be reopened from the analyser transaction or Inbox “my workflows” or that they will work without issue if they do open.  Use of option DEL_ATTACH is acceptance by the customer that the Promenta requests may become unusable from the user perspective. However all audit data is retained.

Configuration Override

PROMENTA use only. Customers should not use this section of the selection screen.

Since SP27-2 it is possible to override the configuration for an individual webflow /status. This may be useful on non-production systems where you do not want to change the configuration but also want to delete or archive old requests.

This function is not supported in production environments.

You can enter the override webflow ID, status and give a new action in the selection screen low-section as shown below. The number of days in the past can also be set.

This option should only be used for ad-hoc archiving. It is expected that the task will be properly configured for Production use.

Technical Configuration

Promenta use only

This decision tree defines the technical function modules to archive a webflow and also to read a previously archived webflow. Customers would not normally change this tree.

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