Authorisations (Model Roles)

ALL Access role
Role : YZY_PROMENTA_ALL enables access to all Promenta functionality.

This role is useful in sandbox systems and other non-production systems for basic testing of functionality. This role is available from SP26-2.

This role CANNOT be used in any Production environment.

Main Model Roles
Promenta delivers the following model roles which can be used as a basis for a customers own roles. These roles should NOT be used directly in Production environments

Role : YZY_MYCOMMSCENTRE_ENDUSER  – This role is  assigned to (test) end users – it enables run-time authorisations for Promenta products

Role : YZY_MYCOMMSCENTRE_ADMIN  – This role is assigned to (test) administrators and developers.

Role : YZY_WEBFLOW_LAUNCHPAD_MENU – This role is  assigned to (test) end users – it enables run-time authorisations for Promenta LaunchPad

Role : YZY_WS_ALL   – This role gives additional authorisations as required by specific solutions (for example Journal Posting)

Other roles
Other roles delivered by Promenta in the YZY_ namespace are also Showcase roles for more specific functionality. Promenta will advise if you should use any of these.

Production Roles
Showcase roles are not supported for Production use. They are subject to change without notice.

Customers will copy the authorisation objects held in the model roles to one (or more) of their own roles to ensure that Webflow authorisations can be managed in the same way as all other authorisations.

The delivered model roles (YZY_MYCOMMSCENTRE_ENDUSER etc ) contains Webflow authorisations but also some SAP standard basis authorisations. The standard SAP authorisations may be present in other roles that a user has – or may not be relevant to a user in a particular production environment.

In general all Webflow users should receive as a minimum:

– All of the Promenta objects in YZY_MYCOMMSCENTRE_ENDUSER – ie all objects with Authorisation class YZYP.
– If BDS documents are to be stored – users will also require the BDS authorisations (as above)

Administrator users : In addition to the above administrator users will need all of the Promenta objects in the YZY_MYCOMMSCENTRE_ADMIN role

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