DataFlow Fields

This section will explain how to change the status of fields in Promenta.

  • Any changes to the status of a field in this configuration will impact the field status in the singular and mass (excel based) process.
  • The following field status’ are supported (M=Mandatory, I=Input, H=Hidden, D=Display).
  • All changes will be automatically saved in a SAP transport so that your established SAP technical change management process can be used to move changes through the landscape to production

Follow these steps to change the status of a specific field:

  • Once inside the correct configuration tree open the field list for the specific process you intend to edit. For example, if you are running the Promenta Material Master Process and would like to change the material description from Mandatory (M) to Input(I) for a Finished Product (FERT) creation process, for TEAM01 only, open the folder as depicted in the screen below (item 1) then click on the “Change Node” button (item 2)
  • Having clicked on the “Change Node” button (item 2) you will be able to change the field status of the relevant field for the required team(s). Note that TEAM01 is always the requester (or initiator). You will know which real world teams TEAM02, TEAM03, TEAM04 etc. relate to based on the Functional Specification for each process in your project with Promenta. In this example the material description has been changed from Mandatory (M) to Input(I) forĀ  TEAM01 (item 3). Click return (item 4) to go back to the main configuration tree
  • In the main configuration tree screen you must click on the save button (item 5) to ensure that you changes are saved to a SAP transport.
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