DataFlow : Mass Data Maintenance : Best Practice

The DataFlow core application enables mass data maintenance processes with workflow audit and control. This is an expert tool and can be used in a number of different ways. Below are few “Best Practice” approaches when using mass data processes to ensure data integrity and minimise issues. These recommendations may need to be modified for your own specific use cases and data environment.

Use the selection template for search

Although you may have additional selection criteria available to you for the mass process (change, delete block) it is recommended to only use the selection template. This enables you to come back again later and perform exactly the same selection extract.

Selection template recommendations

When completing the selection template :

A) Exact values must be the full SAP internal format (ie with leading zeros)

B) Do not the the “E=Exclude” option – it will give unexpected results unless you are very sure of its detailed behaviour. There is almost always a better way of selecting data

C) Use exact values or ranges rather than patterns – pattern searches can pull in data that you did not expect

D) Use the SAP system itself to get a list of exact values (eg SE16 to select list of vendors) and then use the set of exact ids in the selection file. Then you can be sure you will get the correct values in your extract.

E) If there will be some time between extracting the data and then uploading the modified data (for example you need to gather data from other teams) then there is a change someone will change the data of one of your records between selection and submission. To avoid parallel changes follow these steps :

  1. Upload your search file and extract your data file from Promenta
  2. Download the extract file
  3. Immediately upload the unmodified extract file as your new data file and SAVE the request

This will then lock the objects against parallel changes and mean you can re-open the same request from the “my request” view on the inbox. When you are ready to submit the modified file sometime later, access the existing saved request and upload the modified file.

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