Decision Tree

The Promenta Decision Tree functionality offers a flexible and powerful way of managing configuration across all of Promenta’s product suite.

Transaction code : /PROMENTA/DEC_TREEV3

What is a decision tree?

It is often the case that you need to make a decision in a functional object based on some data.

For example you may need to turn screen fields off on a Material Master(MM) request based on the material type. Traditionally this would be handled by setting up a configuration table and entering the data there.

A configuration table has a fixed structure – if an additional decision level needs to be added at a later date then the structure of the configuration table would need to change – and so a data conversion may be necessary

Note that you do NOT change delivered Promenta trees – instead you copy-and-override with your own. Please see here for more information


The tree below shows a decision node (highlighted)

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