Decision Tree Import export

Export Tree

Promenta may ask you to export a decision tree and send the result to us for analysis if you have issues.

Decision Trees can be exported to csv or XML files for easier analysis

How to export tree
The preferred format is XML if available in your version

Step 1 : Select tree to be exported and hit display button

Step 2 : Hit the Export Tree button to open the export dialog

Step 3 : Download file

Choose format XML or CSV 

Enter a file name to be saved locally – the exported file can the be sent to Promenta

Import tree


IMPORTANT : Customers should NOT use Import function.
Data loss can occur with incorrect use.
Data Loss is NOT covered by Promenta standard support. You would require chargeable consultancy effort to resolve issues.

Reasons for restriction
1) A limited number of validations occur

2) The import replaces the entire tree

3) Once the data is saved there is no versioning or other way of returning to previous tree data

4) Tree structure can be modified with incorrect data in an uncontrolled way

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