Decision Tree Override

Promentra deliver pre-configured decision trees containing our configuration data. This will often need to be adjusted to work with the customer system.

However if you change a Promenta tree and then Promenta deliver a transport our changes could be overwritten and lost.

Hence to adjust a tree – you copy-and-override

Process flow

Below shows the process flow that a Promenta solution goes through to request and receive a configuration value

Naming convention

Promenta trees will begin with /PROMENTA/ or /PRMNTCUS/

Customer trees should begine with Z_

For example if copying tree /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 (journal posting) –> create customer copy with name Z_WSFI_JP005

Create an Override

1. Use transaction code /PROMENTA/DEC_TREEV3

2. Enter tree id to be copied

3. Execute the Copy function and save the new tree in a transport

4. Override the Standard tree with the ID of the newly copied tree

Note : Enter the source/standard tree in the first screen

5. On the next screen – enter new override and save

6. make your configuration changes in the copied tree

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