Process & Ageing Report

The Process & Ageing report is a generic report which allows you to report on request processes in PromentaWebflow.

Transaction code : /PROMENTA/WS_AGE_REP

NOTE : Promenta will normally configure and deliver a customised report variant per customer to enable immediate use of the report.

Key features

The report has a flexible format so that custom and process-specific fields can be setup
The report shows current status of a request
The report shows the approval history of a request – with approvers at every level and the timestamp of their approval
The report shows which approver the request is currently waiting for
The report calculates the ageing for each approval – ie the calculation of how long each approval took

Note in some situations you may need to run the indexer program.

Selection screen

The selection screen is made up of various sections

Standard selections

Promenta will normally supply a variant configured for a specific process and it is recommended that this variant be used

Promenta use only

This section is used to customise the output for a particular process and customer. As it is technical in nature it is normally reserved for use by Promenta

NOTE : These sections are in effect filters on the results returned from the Standard selections. Hence the user must ensure records are returned by standard selections before checking the filter selections


Since SP35-1 Process report is enabled for data extraction – see this section for more information


The report output can contain many columns – some columns listed below will always be present and some columns may be custom for the customer and/or process

Standard columns

  • Formindex
  • Description of request
  • Submit date
  • Submit timestamp
  • Current status code and text
  • Requester id
  • Last changed by date
  • Last status change date
  • last status change timestamp

Approval ageing columns

  • Total ageing – the time from first submit to either completion or if not completed then teh current date/time
  • Approver id, date and timestamp – for each approval
  • Approver ageing – the ageing of the request at each approval level

Current approver
For requests which are still in progress the current approver is shown.

Custom columns
Additional custom columns that are specific to the process are shown – these are setup on the selection screen

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