Ageing Report Indexer

The Ageing Report Indexer populates the alternative index for requests.

Transaction : /PROMENTA/WS_AGE_IDX

Alternative Index

The Alternative Index enables reporting based on key SAP data rather than Promenta Webflow request number (formindex)

For example : This enables reporting on Journal Document number and lists all the requests that refer to the journal

Normally each request populates the alternative index automatically.

When to run

This program is only run when the index is not already populated due to legacy or migrated data or if the index should be refreshed. Please check with Promenta before running this program.

Selection screen

The Form Id and User Exit Program are required
NOTE : Promenta will normally advise the user exit program name

The Form Index field may be entered for test purposes to restrict the update

Test run will report the proposed index values without update


On execution the program will generate an index for each formindex selected and fill table /PROMENTA/TT057


The proposed or generated list of indexes is shown

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