Reference API

The Reference API is for use by developer using the Promenta Webflow framework for their own developments

NOTE : Separate licencing is required to use the API. Most customers do not have the API as part of their licence.

Data Tables List

The Promenta Webforms Framework contains the following Data tables. These are filled by the framework automatically but some fields are also available for updating in the developed forms
These tables are transnational and are NOT transported through the landscape

Table Name Name Description
/PROMENTA/TT050 Webform instance master table Master data of the webform instance – such as creation date, references etc
/PROMENTA/TT051 Webform instance field data Field data of the webform instance
 /PROMENTA/TT051X  Webform instance field data (cluster)  Field data of the webform instance (session cluster)
/PROMENTA/TT052 Webform instance attachment master Master data for the webform attchments
/PROMENTA/TT053 Webform instance attachment data Raw data for the webform attchment [if database storeage selected]
 /PROMENTA/TT054  Webform subform data  Temporary data
 /PROMENTA/TT055   Webform Status audit  Audit of status change – NO data updates allowed on this table
 /PROMENTA/TT057  Process Index  Process-specific indexing.
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