Status Flow

Promenta webflow uses various process status values to control and inform the process. Process Status can be used as part of a workflow process.

Status : Temporary
Technical name : PRTEMP
Notes : Usually defines a webflow that has been opened but no action has been taken. May also be used for temporary webflow popup screens. In general Temporary webflows are not shown in the Analyser or Inbox.

Status : In-process
Technical name : PRPROCESS
Notes : Usually defines a webflow that has begun processing. A user may have saved data. The webflow is not usually yet part of a workflow (ie it has not been submitted yet)

Status : Submitted
Technical name : PRSUBMIT
Notes : webflow has been submitted for approval via a workflow process. Not approval has yet taken place.

Status : Partially-approved
Technical name : PRPARTAPP
Notes : A webflow has been approved by at least one approver however there are still more approvals pending.

Status : Approved
Technical name : PRAPPROVE
Notes : The webflow process is fully approved by all approvers. Final processing such as data creation often happens at this point

Status : Completed
Technical name : PRCOMPLETE
Notes : The webflow process is completed. This status is sometimes used outside of a workflow process. No further action should occur.

Status : Deleted
Technical name : PRDELETE
Notes : The webflow has been technically deleted. It is normally excluded from analyser and inbox

Status : Rejected
Technical name : PRREJECT
Notes : The webflow has been rejected. It is normally routed via workflow back to the requester for correction and re-submission.

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