System-dependant Parameters

Access the tool using transaction code /PROMENTA/EMAIL_PRM

This tool allows values to be set for this system/client without transport. These values are specific to this system and include portal information, performance settings etc

First-time use

The first time you use webflow in a client you will need to set the values. No values will be saved on the database at this time – hence each parameter will have a red X icon against it. When you press “Save” then the values are stored in the database (and the icon will be a green tick)
The initial values listed in the table below are just to get the system up and running – they will need to be tuned to the available resources of your system

Subsequent use

When a parameter is changed the icon will be a yellow triangle until it is saved on the database. Only when a parameter has a green tick against it is it active in the system.


Parameter1 Parameter2 Initial Value Comments
ALERTER MASTERSWITCH OFF switches the Alerter iview ON or OFF
LOG ACTIVE ON Switch the myCommsCentre SAP R/3 log ON of OFF
LOG LEVEL 3 Log level (0 to 3) where 3 is all messages and 0 is error s only
PORTAL BASE_URL full portal base url
PORTAL MIMES_URL full portal url to the mimes par file – it should be the load-balanced url if available
EMAIL SCOT_RFC Not for customer use [ RFC name to allow SCOT on a different SAP R/3 machine to be used ]
EMAIL SCOT_RECIEVER_BATCH 250 No of email receipients per email batch .
EMAIL_BUILD_LIST BATCHZISE 250 The number of employee records to perform the matchup-process on before the results are committed to the database.
EMAIL_SPLITTER BATCHZISE 1000 The number of employees per split-processor. This will help determine the number of splitter processes that are initiated.
EMAIL_SPLITTER MAX_PROCESSES 2 Maximum number of processes allowed at one time.
CACHE BATCHSIZE 2000 Number of users per batch processes
CACHE COMMIT_COUNT 1000 Number of users processed after which a commit will occur
CACHE PARALLEL_TASKS 2 Number of parallel tasks to start
WEBFLOW_BSP WEBDISP_URL Web Dispatcher URL (protocol://server:port ) used for load balancing in BSP environments. See also Knowledge Base
 WEBFLOW_BSP  PROTOCOL  (Optional) BSP ONLY. This allows the protocol to be overridden if there are issues. For example if the system is configured for HTTPS but it is not in use or deactivated then you also need to set the protocol to be HTTP to force HTTP. This parameter should only be set after consultation with Promenta
 WEBFLOW  MIMESBSP_OVERRIDE (Optional) Override the MIMES url for load-balanced systems.  This parameter should only be set after consultation with Promenta
 WEBFLOW  PORTAL_SAPALIAS (Optional) System-dependant version of /PROMENTA/TM999 Portal alias for use when the portal alias cannot be transported because it is different in every system. This is normally the case with a shared/federated portal
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