Team Inboxes

Team Inboxes are used by teams of users performing a similar function. For example the Finance department may have a group inbox that is monitored by all members of the team. It is useful to direct approval requests to the team inbox so that individual inboxes do not get filled up.

Promenta Workflow process enables the workflow approval emails to be directed to all members of a team individually (ie an email per team member to their individual email account) or to a team inbox.

Note the default behaviour is to send emails to all team members individually

The emails are workflow approval emails – and SAP must work with actual user ids – hence even for a team inbox all team members must be defined and linked to the workflow.

Steps :

Define team of users – this would be the set of users that are linked by a workflow responsibility, security role or custom rule.

Define a team user – this is a dummy user (in SU01) that has the team email address assigned as the communication email address. This user requires very minimal authorisations as it is just used as a holder of the email address. No one should ever need to actually log on as this user.

Link the team user to the workflow routing alongside the existing team members

Configure the team user in decision tree /PROMENTA/WS_WI_SHARED_SERVICE_USERS. Actually you should use a copy of this decision tree with override.


A finance team consists of SAP users JONES, SMITH, DAVIS
A team inbox exists :
A shared team SAP user FINANCE is created with email address of in SU01

The user FINANCE user is included as a workflow user alongside the users JONES,SMITH, DAVIS
A copy of decision tree /PROMENTA/WS_WI_SHARED_SERVICE_USERS is created and user FINANCE is entered

Result – all workflow approvals that would previously go to JONES,SMITH,DAVIS individually now go the FINANCE instead (and hence email address

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