Transaction Launcher

The Transaction Launcher enables Promenta Webflow solutions to be started directly from an SAP transaction code. The transaction code will launch a browser window and allow the user to login in the normal way

This is useful when the SAP portal is not used or where there is no central access point such as an intranet – instead users logon to SAP GUI and start Promenta webflows from the SAP GUI.

List of available transactions

Transaction Code   Useage
 /PROMENTA/DASHBOARD2  Promenta Inbox 
 /PROMENTA/WSFI_LNCH1  Promenta Launchpad
 /PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005  Promenta Journals
 /PROMENTA/WF_TCODE  Promenta Use only – used for testing URL generation.

Customer transactions

Customers may create their own transactions to launch any Promenta Webflow (Custom or standard) by following these instructions. 


1. Create transaction code

Create a Z transaction code in SE93 – this is a developer activity


2. Map transaction

Use transaction SM30 to maintain table /PROMENTA/TCODE

Enter the Z_ transaction code and the corresponding Webflow Form Id

3. Test

Execute the new Z_ transaction. A browser should launch with the Webflow inside


If a Customer experiences a problem with a Z_ transaction that they have created, Promenta will ask for a screenshot of SE93 to show that the correct launch program (/PROMENTA/WEBFORM_TCODE) is used.

Customer created launch programs are not supported by Promenta.

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