Promenta Webservices application enables certain activities to be executed on external servers. These activities usually relate to document conversions where SAP does not provide support.

Password Reset

Note : redeployment of the promentaservices package (sca file) will reset the users/passwords to initial delivery state.

Follow these steps to reset web service user passwords or create new users

1) Use transaction SM59 to change the password of HTTP Connections To External Server destination called PROMENTA_HTML_TO_PDF

2) Do a connection test and you should be prompted to enter a User ID and Password for the web service (i.e. at this point the password in SM59 does not match with the password in the web application – so this is correct). Next step is to update the password in the web service which resides in the SAP Portal

3) Use the portal service at this URL location

<your protocol>://<your portal server and port number>/promentaservices/addUser to reset the password for the “existing user”

Example : https://portal.company.com:50000/promentaservices/addUser

Log on as admin user prmnt_admin

4)Restart the PromentaService application

Go to SAP Portal NWA your protocol://your portal server and port number/nwa and choose the Operations Tab. Select Start & Stop and then choose the Java Applications Tab. In the Vendor column enter promenta.com and hit enter (this will filter the list to show Promenta services only). Finally restart the portal service called promentaservices (this will activate the new password)

5) Rerun connection test

Return to SM59 and run a connection test. You should no longer receive a User ID and Password prompt for the web service

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