Audit Report

The Audit Report mode can be used to display changes that have been made to the responsibility data from within the Promenta Workflow Responsibility program.

Note: Changes made to the data using the standard SAP transactions will not appear in the audit report.

Transaction Code


NOTE: Transaction /PROMENTA/WF_RESP_00 can also be used which gives access to all modes of the program with the options for each mode shown in a separate tab on the selection screen.

Selection Screen

  • Date Range – These fields are used to specify the date range to be used when selecting the audit data and defaults to the previous year.
  • Agent Id Field – This option is used to control the values that are displayed for ‘Agent’ assignment changes and at least one option must be selected:-
    • Show Icon – An Icon is displayed to represent the object type of the agent.
    • Show Text – A Text description is displayed to indicate the object type of the agent
    • Show Key – The object key is displayed


The Audit Report contains the following columns:-

  • Date – The date the change was made
  • Time – The time the change was made
  • User Name – The user name that made the change
  • PV – The plan version
  • Object Id – The id of the responsibility that was changed
  • Type – The type of change that was made. Values are:-
    • AG – Agent Assignment
    • AP – Approver Group
    • RY – Responsibity
  • S – The planning status
  • Start and End Dates -The effective dates of the change
  • Old Value – The value that has been deleted
  • New Value – The value that has been added
  • Reference and Comment – The values entered in when the change was made
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