Display Mode

Display mode is very similar to Update Mode but any icons which allow changes to be made to the data have been removed.

Transaction Code


Note: Transaction /PROMENTA/WF_RESP_00 can also be used which gives access to all modes of the program with the options for each mode shown in a separate tab on the selection screen

Selection Screen

  • Date Range – These fields are used to specify the date range to be used when selecting the data and defaults to start from today until the end of time.
  • Agent Id Field – This option is used to control the values that are displayed in the ‘Agent’ field and at least one option must be selected:-
    • Show Icon – An Icon is displayed to represent the object type of the agent.
    • Show Text – A Text description is displayed to indicate the object type of the agent
    • Show Key – The object key is displayed
  • Use Compressed View for Agents – This option can be used to suppress the display of the agents. The agents can then be displayed/hidden by double clicking the icon within the first agent id field.


In display mode the following columns are displayed:-

  • Responsibility – Shows the Name and Id of the Responsibility.
  • Start Date and End Date – Shows the effective dates for the Approver Group and Agents.
  • Approver Grroup – Shows the name of the Approver Group.
  • Agent Id – Shows details of the linked agent id. The contents reflect the options selected on the selection screen.
  • Agent Description – Shows the name of the agent. 

Note: It is possible for object other than users to be assigned as agents. In this case the users linked to those other objects are also displayed but in a different colour.

In addition there is an additional icon displayed in the tool bar:-
  • Filter Responsibilities – This icon can be used to filter the responsibilities, approver groups and agents that are shown in the output. 
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