Update Mode

Update Mode is used to maintain responsibilities, approver groups and assigned agents.

NOTE: The selected rule is locked during updates to prevent multiple users updating the same rule number. If the rule number is already locked by another user then a message will be displayed and the mode will be automatically switched to Display Mode

Transaction Code


NOTE: Transaction /PROMENTA/WF_RESP_00 can also be used which gives access to all modes of the program with the options for each mode shown in a separate tab on the selection screen.

Selection Screen

  • Date Range – These fields are used to specify the date range to be used when selecting the data and defaults to start from today until the end of time.
  • Agent Id Field – This option is used to control the values that are displayed in the ‘Agent’ field and at least one option must be selected:-
    • Show Icon – An Icon is displayed to represent the object type of the agent.
    • Show Text – A Text description is displayed to indicate the object type of the agent
    • Show Key – The object key is displayed
  • Use Compressed View for Agents – This option can be used to suppress the display of the agents. The agents can then be displayed/hidden by double clicking the icon within the first agent id field.


In update mode the following columns are displayed:-

  • Responsibility – Shows the Name and Id of the Responsibility.
  • Action – Contains a ‘Delete’ icon which can be used to delete the Responsibility.
  • Start Date and End Date – Shows the effective dates for the Approver Group and Agents.
  • Approver Grroup – Shows the name of the Approver Group.
  • Action –  Contains a ‘Change’ icon which can be used to change the Responsibility and Approver Group.
  • Agent Id – Shows details of the linked agent id. The contents reflect the options selected on the selection screen.
  • Agent Description – Shows the name of the agent. 
  • Action –  Contain an ‘Insert’ or ‘Delete’ icon which can be used to add or delete an agent assignment.
Note: It is possible for object other than users to be assigned as agents. In this case the users linked to those other objects will be displayed (in a different colour) but no ‘Delete’ icon will be displayed next to them.
In addition to the icons displayed within columns there are two additional icons displayed in the tool bar:-
  • Create Responsibility – This icon allows for the a new responsibility with an approver group to be created. Once created the new responsibility will be displayed within the output where agents can then be assigned.
  • Filter Responsibilities – This icon can be used to filter the responsibilities, approver groups and agents that are shown in the output. 

Any changes made to the data are audited and this audit data can be displayed using the ‘Audit Report’ mode. The following screen is shown before the audit data is written and allows for the entry of a reference and comment which will be included in the audit data. 
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