Workflow User-Table Maintenance

The Workflow User-Table Maintenance transactions are used when workflow routing is based on the actual requester user id. This means the content of the request (ie the company codes, values, GLs etc are not used to determine the approver)

For example User SMITH always routes their requests to their manager JONES. 

Multiple levels of approval can be used and different hierarchies can be determined.

Transaction codes

/PROMENTA/WF_USRT_01  – Update mode

/PROMENTA/WF_USRT_02  – Display mode

/PROMENTA/WF_USRT_03  – Audit report


Promenta Analyser Admin access is needed as per this link

In summary ,all users require access 03 (Display) for object YZYBULCONS. In addition, update mode requires access 70 (Admin) for object YZYBULCONS.

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