Audit Report

The Audit report is a log of the changes that occurred and who performed them. The log is technical in nature and is often used in combination with other data to produce a final report by the customer.


Report format

The report is organised by date and time and shows several records per change.

Date / Time – The date and time of the change

Rec type – record type. 

Record type possible values :

USR  = The user that made the change

REF = The audit reference that was entered

TXT = The audit comment that was entered

FLD = The list of fields that were changed (the list contains the technical fields of the table /PROMENTA/TT306)

NEW=The new data matching the fields in FLD

DEL = Deleted data matching the fields in FLD


In the example below the audit report shows two new records added by user PROMENTA01 on the 04/01/2021 at 10:47:34

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