Update Mode

On initial entry to the transaction the current workflow routing data is shown.

In the example below we see a 2-step approval workflow

Step1 : User REQUESTER routes to user APPROVER

Step2 : User REQUESTER routes to approval group GLOBAL_TEAM (which may be several users).  Approval groups are maintained using the Promenta Workflow Responsibility Maintenance tool.

Create new entry

When creating a new entry you must enter the following information

(1) Hierarchy Group id: This is a fixed value which is used to separate different hierarchies – for example a hierarchy based on a requester’s HR manager and another hierarchy based on the the requesters finance manager.

(2) User Name :  The user Id of the requester

(3) Approval level : The step in the workflow (a numeric determining the level starting at 1)

(4) Approval Routing type : Routing used – currently only US (user) or (AG) approval group are supported.

(5) Approval value – either the user id of the approver OR the approval group ID.

On saving the data you are prompted to enter an Audit comment


Mass update

Mass update is possible using the export/import options. Note due to restrictions in functionality (see below) mass updates are only supported for project go-lives and major reorganisations. Mass update should not be used for day-to-day maintenance.

WARNING : Mass updates are performed in Production . As such incorrect updates can cause serious issues and should be confirmed on non-production systems first if possible. Always use the export option first to export current data. This can be used to restore if an issue occurs.

File format

The file is tab-separated and must conform to the format below (TAB separated) and MUST include the header row


Example with one row of data


After your import hit the Save button. This will commit the changes and also record the audit comment.


Only new records are imported

Existing records cannot be deleted

Existing records cannot be changed


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