Promenta webflow is delivered with a comprehensive workflow component which enables many different workflow scenarios to be configured. The customer does not normally need to build technical workflow definitions but instead just configure workflow routing

Key features

Uses existing robust and proven SAP workflow as engine
Workflows can be emailed as links to users – no need to log in to check if any tasks
Workflows can be executed via email, SAP Business Workplace (SAPGui) , SAP Universal Worklist (Portal) or Promenta dashboard

Design Principle

Traditional approach
The traditional approach to building SAP workflows is to build a specific technical workflow per process. For example a workflow for Purchase Order approval would be technically different to a workflow for Sales Order approval – even if the approvers were the same. This is because the technical workflow design would include specific data for that process (Purchase order number, sales order number).

Promenta’s approach

Promenta’s approach is to separate out the task management from the actual details of the process. The workflows are configured to route action items around the organisation – but the workflow does not contain any process-specific data. The process-specific data is stored in Webflow and is linked to the workflow.

The result of this approach is that a small number of generic workflows – along with process-specific configuration – can be made to handle many different processes. Support and maintenance are simple and enhancements such as routing changes are easy to implement.

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