Workflow Routing

The Promenta generic workflow process is designed to control routing of webflow items between the various users. The groups of users are defined in the node “Workflow Screen Groups” and are not normally changed after implementation.

In the selected decision tree – the settings are found under the node “WORKFLOW_ROUTING”

Workflow routing determines which group of users should get the next step in the process.

Workflows are trigger by user actions (for example the user pressing the submit button) and the target group of users is then defined.


The example below shows a simple routing scenario : Requester to approver.

presses the submit button (WORKFLOW_EVENT=BUTTON_SUBMIT)
then route the workflow to the next approver (WORKFLOW_NEXT_SCREENGROUP=TEAM02)

If the approver (SCREEN_GROUP=TEAM02)
presses the reject button (WORKFLOW_EVENT=BUTTON_REJECT)
then route the workflow back to the requester (WORKFLOW_NEXT_SCREENGROUP=INITIATOR)

If the approver (SCREEN_GROUP=TEAM02)
presses the aprove button (WORKFLOW_EVENT=BUTTON_APPROVE)
then route the workflow is finished(WORKFLOW_NEXT_SCREENGROUP=/PROMENTA/COMPLETE )

Note that result /PROMENTA/COMPLETE is a special screen group that tells the solution to end the workflow.

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