The information below is provided for workflow administrators and configuration consultants

Relationship with SAP workflow

Promenta Webflow workflow is built on top of SAP workflow engine. All existing SAP workflow tools can be used to analyse webflow workflows – although there are additional tools provided to make this task easier

All Promenta Webflow users must be fully licensed SAP dialog users.

SAP workflow must be fully running – transaction SWU3 can be used to check this

Webflow Workflow Tasks and Templates

The table below gives the technical numbers of relevant templates and also dialog tasks that may be needed for custom authorisation checks on customer sites.

Workflow BOR objects

Promenta deliver a standard BOR object YMCCUWL which contains all the functionality to interact with the webflow framework and the SAP workflow engine.

Activate/Deactivate Email sending

In certain situations – such as using the SAP standard notification job – you may wish to deactivate the email notification sending. To do this make the following configuration change :

Table /PROMENTA/TM999 using SM30
Parameter1 = WEBFORMS
Parameter2 = WORKFLOW_EMAIL Set the Value to be OFF to prevent emails
Set the Value to be ON to send emails


Email for workflow substitutes

Workflow substitutes can be set up so that specified users receive workflow items along with the configured users. This is usually used as a backup function so that the organisation can provide cover in the event that an approver is unavailable. This is standard SAP workflow functionality.

Webflow is able to include workflow substitutes in email notifications – or prevent them.

Table /PROMENTA/TM999 using SM30
Parameter1 = WEBFORMS

Set the Value to be OFF to prevent emails 
Set the Value to be ON to send emails 

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