Other Applications

This section contains information about other applications from Promenta


myCommsCentre is a targeted information delivery solution allowing precise distribution of reports, communications, functionality and other information in the SAP environment.

SAP systems can be leveraged to provide detailed information about users which is then used to target the required information at a specific population of users

myCommsCentre is SAP-certified to run on SAP infrastructuremyCommsCentre makes significant use of the Promenta Webflow framework – hence webflow must be configured completely before myCommsCentre specific setup can begin.

Promenta Mobile

PromentaMobile is obsolete and no longer supported. Please see the Promenta Fiori integration instead.


The PromentaMobile framework provides mobile device access to SAP processes. Users can use their personal devices within or outside the corporate network to interact with SAP-enabled business processes to drive efficiency and data quality.

See our website for more information on individual processes : http://www.promenta.com/promentamobile/

This section gives technical information around individual applications, tools and processes

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