Confirmation Testing

Once a promentaWebflow installation is technically complete it should be validated to ensure all components are behaving as expected..

You will require 2 separate SAP user Ids for this test

1) Setup DEMO workflow routing

Set up Workflow Responsibility (transaction code OOCU_RESP) 279800

The process key will be set by each of your developments. For the test and demo webflows the process key is DEMO

The data key will be a further routing parameter – for demo leave this as *

Next assign a user to the responsibility – this is the approver

2) Submit demo request

In transaction /PROMENTA/WFCP – open folder Standard Logic Forms and select Test for “STandard Logic 3”

A web page should start and you should log on with SAP user/password

Enter data into the request screen

Press the submit

3) Approve demo request

Check email queue in SAP (transaction SOST)

Open the email to the apporver

Click on the included link

Logon with the approver SAP user id and password

Check that entered data is appearing

Approve the request

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