Import Main Package

Perform the steps below to import and configure the promentaWebflow solution

1) Import main package

Use transaction SAINT to import the main package.

NOTE : if deploying on S4HANA you may get a warning in phase DISASEMBLE – “No signed manifest exists”. This warning can be ignored – press the “skip” button.
See SAP Note 2645739 for more information

2) Activate configuration

Activate BC set /PROMENTA/WEBFLOW_1 using transaction SCPR20

3) Initialise Number range

Using transaction SNUM activate set up teh number ranges below

 Field  ZPMT000001  ZPMT000002
 No  01  01
 From  00000001  000000000001
 To  99999999  500000000000
 Current Number  1  1

NOTE : The system will ask if you want to transport the number range – you should say NO to this. Number range should be setup on each system manually

4) Initialise the logs

promentaWebflow has its own logging system within your R/3 system. The logs must be activated and the log level set – otherwise no messages will be recorded

You set the log parameters in the  Transaction – /PROMENTA/EMAIL_PRM
set parameters  : LOG/ACTIVE = ON and LOG/LEVEL = 3 .

5) Activate Promenta ICF services

NOTE :The standard BSP engine should now be configured as per SAP configuration procedures. Consult SAP documentation for more information

Using transaction SICF :

Activate all subnodes and services under the following nodes.
Activate : /sap/bc/bsp/promenta
Activate : /promenta

6) Setup Service user for MIMES
promentaWebflow stores its images and stylesheets within the SAP system and they are accessed via SICF services. These services just serve the image and other mime objects. To enable their use you must enter a service user

The SICF service Alias will be used to enable customer to enter their own users into Promenta-delevered services.

More information on external alias can be found at

Alias 1 :
Alias path : /sap/bc/bsp/promenta/cusmimes
Desination service : default_host/sap/bc/bsp/promenta/cusmimes
Maintain anonymous service user info
Ensure you select logon proceedure : “Required with logon data”

Alias 2 :
Alias path : /sap/bc/bsp/promenta/editor
Desination service : default_host/sap/bc/bsp/promenta/editor
Maintain anonymous service user info
Ensure you select logon proceedure : “Required with logon data”

7) Activate Workflow Event
Using Transaction PFTC the workflow link event can be activated

Task Type = Workflow Template, Task = ‘00279802’
Go to triggering events
Activate the event

Note : Transaction SWETYPV to check triggering in case of issues

8) Workflow General Task

The workflow approval task must be made General (for the initial testing)

Using transaction PFTC for standard task 00279805

Go to : Additional data — Agent Assignment — general

9) refresh workflow buffer

Use transaction SWU_OBUF to refresh the workflow buffer

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