promentaWebflow Add-ON can be uninstalled using the SAP SAINT transaction

The uninstall process will remove all Promenta technical objects – including all data stored in Promenta tables.

Nether Promenta nor SAP can be held responsible for data loss resulting from the uninstall.

Data Retention

If data stored in Promenta solution is required after uninstall then the following tables should be extracted using SAP or external tools. As these tables are standard transparent tables Database-specific tools can also be used.

Table Name Name Description
/PROMENTA/TT050 Webform instance master table Master data of the webform instance – such as creation date, references etc
/PROMENTA/TT051 Webform instance field data Field data of the webform instance
 /PROMENTA/TT054 Webform subform data  Temporary data
 /PROMENTA/TT055 Webform Status audit  Audit of status change – NO data updates allowed on this table
 /PROMENTA/TT057 Process Index  Process-specific indexing.

Uninstall Instruction

1. Ensure any data to be retained has been exported (see previous section)

2. Access transaction SAINT  –>Tab uninstall

3. Select Promenta component and Start the uninstall process

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