myCommsCentre : Jobs

The following SAP jobs are required for myCommsCentre to function correctly

Email reminders

Purpose To trigger recurrent/reminder emails
Period Every 10 minutes
Selection screen Accept all defaults – do not make any entries
Notes The program checks a control table and determins if any deadlines have passed for recurrent emails. Emails are then triggered.
Expected system load is very small as the majority of the time the job finishes without triggering emails.


Matchup Cache Builder

Purpose Populate the matchup cache for all employees/users for use in the User Behaviours analysis report
Period Overnight or other low system-usage period
Selection screen Accept default
Notes This program willl process all users on the system and is there a high load activity. The system impact can be controlled via parameters (such as batch size / number of parallel jobs). See System-Dependant Parameters for more details.

This program will generate parallel tasks that will be named /PROMENTA/MCC_CACHE_BUILD_CHILD in SM37.


Matchup Cache Builder – Cleanup

Purpose Clean up cache table for users who have left the organisation etc
Period Once per week
Selection screen Enter selection screen value mode = CLEAN
Notes This program will remove all invalid records from the cache. These invalid records have no impact on functionality.
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