Excel Add-in (V1)


The Promenta Excel Add-in V1 is designed to work with Internet Explorer 11 exclusively. With the End-of-life of Internet Explorer in Jun 2022 Promenta is no longer able to support Version 1.

All customers are recommended to upgrade to Promenta Add-in Version 3 which supports Edge browser.


The Promenta Add-in enables a more convenient integration point for users to submit journal requests.

Please note : Additional maintenance and/or license fees may be applicable – please check with your Promenta Account Manager

Excel service

The excel service is the interface between the excel add-in installed on every users desktop and the SAP finance (ECC/S4Hana) system. It can be enabled for Single-sign-on with HTTP SSO technologies.

The Excel service is available in 2 versions

Portal version – this is deployed as part of the Promenta Portal [patch and must be configured. Connection to SAP is made from the portal via the SAP JCO service. As such the SAP Portal client JCO service must be configured in the portal

WAS (ABAP) version – this is deployed as part of the core delivery. No additional configuration is needed in SAP.

Excel Add-in functionality

The excel Ribbon provides additional integration functionality such as submitting a journal excel sheet for workflow approval, access to the approval inbox and value look-ups.

Every user must have an SAP named user to be able to logon to SAP.

Excel Installation Guide

The install guide is updated regularly. The guide is available on request.

Excel SAP connection

This section for IT administrators only

The Excel add-in is connected to SAP via the INI file of teh add-in. The INI file must be set up with your connection parameters and distributed to your end users.

The INI file must be placed in the same directory as the install location of the Add-in file 

The INI file contains the server for the connection. For Portal connection this will be the portal URL, for ABAP connection it will be the SAP ECC/S4Hana system itself. An example INI file is supplied as part of teh install.

XML configuration

Each system that should be connected to must have entry like below in the ini file

<!– memorable name –>
<name>CUSTOMER : DEV</name>

<!– description of connection. This will be seen by end users in the listbox –>
<description>CUSTOMER : Dev sysyetm</description>

<!– SAP system id –>

<!– SAP Client –>

<!– url to excel service – either pointing to the SAP portal or SAP WAS/BSP

SAP PORTAL protocol:portal_base_url:port/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/com.promenta.pct.excelservice.excelservice

SAP WAS protocol:was_abap_server:port/sap/bc/bsp/promenta/wfbsp/excelservice.htm?sap-client=100&sap-sessioncmd=open&sap-syscmd=nocookie

–> <serviceurl>http://portal1.promenta.internal:50000/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/com.promenta.pct.excelservice.excelservice</serviceurl>

<!– if using portal – set to YES –>

<!– default alias MCC_R3_SYS will be used if blank and will point to the linked server.

If you have several alias then enter the portal alias here for the SAP landscape connection
The format for specifying an alias is ?SAPALIAS=alias_id. Note the ? is important
Example : <portal_alias>?SAPALIAS=DEV</portal_alias>


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