Webflow Extractor


The transaction /PROMENTA/WFRM_EXTRC  described below is now obsolete and replaced by the Process report data extractor. Please migrate  to using the Process report. This transaction will be deactivated in a later patch

The Webflow Extractor can be accessed via transaction /PROMENTA/WFRM_EXTRC or through the myCommsCentre Admin Tree


Provide the ability to extract data from webflow tables into a standard SAP ALV list. That list can then be saved as a file, sorted, filtered etc.


Main selection section allows you to enter your key selection criteria for the data to be extracted

Additional filters section allows you to enter fields that are in the expected data along with filter values. This will then filter the data selected by the main selection.

Output options can be set if running in background or foreground and a layout varient (previously defined can be entered to automatically format the output data)

Output by row : This option shows each field id data on a separate row. There will only ever be a maximum of 9 columns. This option is useful for creating exports for other systems

Output by column : Each formindex takes up just one row and every field in a formindex will get its own column. The number of columns will vary depending on how many field ids there are.
Important Note : if showing by-column then large fields (more than 100 charachters) and multiline fields (tables and textboxes) will be trimmed at 100 characters. This is an SAP ALV restrictin and Promenta are unable to change this.

Show all fields/list fields : You can elect to show all fields or set up a filter to only extract a subset of fields.

Example output
The output below is generated for the Promenta Journal Posting solution

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