Webservices (Optional)

UPDATE : Since SP38 This functionality is not longer supported

Promenta Webservices application enables certain activities to be executed on external servers. These activities usually relate to document conversions where SAP does not provide support.

IMPORTANT Note : Separate licence restrictions and fees may apply. Please check with Promenta

Available Conversions :

  • Excel to Data : Since SP13 this now runs inside SAP ABAP server and is no longer a stand-alone webservice
  • HTML to PDF : enable conversion of HTML documents to PDF and make available to SAP.

Prerequisite : determine server

SAP portal : Sap portal version 7.3 and above is supported. Service is delivered as an SCA file.

Other java server : NO LONGER SUPPORTED since SP30

Install on SAP Netweaver Portal (Version 7.3 and above)

1. The application is included in the standard portal delivery SCA file from promenta (Version 1.5.509 onwards)
2. Alternatively you can obtain a stand-alone SCA file to deploy
3. Deploy the SCA via the SAP JSPM as a Business Package
4. Set up the connection from SAP (see below)

RFC connection TypeG HTTP Connection to External Server
Target Host< server name >
Service Number< Port > For example SAP portal may be 50000
Path Prefix/promentaservices/htmltopdf
Security typeBasic Authentication
Password< contact support@promenta.com for password >

Image rendering

To render images to the PDF the Promenta PDF webservice must be able to download the images without need to log on.

In addition HTTPS images can be rendered only if there are no SSL certificate errors. The SSL certificate may need to be imported into a PSE for the service to connect successfully.

For Promenta solutions you must enter a service user against SICF service yzyprmntcusmime. You create an External Alias in SICF to do this.

Testing Webservices

Execute the test webflow form as shown HERE

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