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We are happy to help! Try one of the following:

  • Check the documentation : here
  • Raise a ticket : here
  • Call us : UK +44-8704467123 & US +1-302552292 between : USA (09:00-20:00 Eastern Time) and EMEA (08:00-18:00 UK Time)

How to get support

Promenta provide comprehensive support for our customers as well as companies who decide to trial our software.

Access the support channel

The Primary support channel is through our online support system available at this link

Instruction on how to raise the ticket can be found at this link : KB0003 – How to raise a support ticket

Background Information

Your agreement with Promenta may specify different support levels than described below. This information is provided as general advice only.

1) Promenta only offer 3rd line support

Promenta help your existing support organisation when there are issues which relate directly to Promenta solutions. Promenta do not normally deal directly with your end users.

2) Initial analysis is done by your existing support organisation

Promenta expect initial analysis such as checking user profiles, checking SAP landscape to be carried out by the existing support organisation. Promenta are not providing SAP support.

3) You must replicate the issue

Promenta normally need you to replicate the issue on a non-production system. Promenta will not normally have any access to your Production system so we need to see the issue in another environment. In addition if an issue cannot be replicated in a non-production environment it is unlikely to be a software fault .

4) No ticket – no problem
Promenta need to track all issues so that we can ensure we are delivering the agreed level of service. Therefore all issues must be raised in the support system.

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