Promenta have worked hard to simplify the install for the majority of customers so that there is less work for your BASIS team and you can be up-and-running more quickly.

Once you have the core solution up and running you are ready to start the more details setup for your specific scenario (eg Vendor requests, Journal requests etc)

The Simple-Install process walks you through a standard installation scenario to get the core framework and software working. You will need to do additional configuration specific to your project/solution (eg Workflow routing/Journal process setup/ vendor master process setup)


0) Check the prerequisites 

Ensure your system is ready for deployment. [More details]

1) Install the transports/packages

Promenta provide the SAP transports via our support site.  [More details]
If you have a Netweaver portal and want to use Single-Sign-On you can also download the Portal Package

We provide the exact sequence of transports to be applied

(Optional) We provide full Netweaver portal install steps 

2) Apply settings to SAP 

Most settings will work out of the box for most customers – you will only update a few [More details]

If installing into an S/4Hana system please perform the additional steps [More details]

3) Apply the product key

We supply the file and you just upload it [More details]

4) (Optional) Integrate with SAP Portal 

This step only necessary if you include an SAP Netweaver portal in your landscape. [More details]

5) Test the install!

Test the core application according to your scenario

Journals solution test [More details]

Master data solution based on DataFlow [More details]

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