Portal Install (Optional)

These steps are only relevant if you are including and SAP portal in your setup


The Promenta portal package provides integration of the Promenta solution into the SAP Netweaver portal. The applications included are

  • com.promenta.pct.wfbsp    – the main integrator component that provides Portal SSO to the Promenta BSP application
  • com.promenta.pct.excelservice – integrator for Promenta excel/SAP interaction
  • promentaServices webapp – standalone webapp which deploys to the Portal server to provide additional functionality [Delivered as separate package]

Install Portal Packages

Install the business package as per your release.

The business package is provided for download from the Promenta help site in the same way that SAP transports are delivered.

Netweaver 2004s (Netweaver 700) and below

1. zip nw700_.zip contains the sca file abnd any other portal resources

2. Deploy the SCA file using SDM only

Use of the SAP JSPM is not supported for installation of the SCA file

Netweaver 7.3 and above

1. zip nw730_.zip contains the sca file and any other portal resources .

NOTE : build number should be above 900

2. Deploy the sca file via the JSPM using the “Business Package” option

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