S4Hana Setup

NOTE : Installation on an S4Hana system (from 1709 onwards) is the same as for ECC6 – hence follow all the steps of the main install pages.

These tasks are specific to S4Hana installation and should be done after completing all of the standard installation steps

1: Set up workflow user

If you are using workflow user SAP_WFRT (or any other workflow user) you must set the ID you are using in the decision tree for table /PROMENTA/TM999. If you are using user WF-BATCH (this is the default user id) you do not need to perform the setting below.

Maintenance process is explained here [Global Configuration TM999]

This setup is normally done by Promenta on your behalf at implementation but you must check it.

Set parameter EMAIL / SCOT_SENDER_USERID to be the workflow user id

2. Workflow general tasks

SAP S4Hana sometimes does not import the General Task settings and so this may need to be done manually.


Transaction PFTC

Enter task type = Standard Task, Id=94507922 and hit Display

Goto : Additional Data -> Agent Assignment -> Maintain

Select “Attributes” button and set the value to be “General Task”

Repeat for task type=WS, Id= 94500009

Note that some versions of S4Hana do not allow background tasks (like WS94500009) to be set as General – in that case ignore this step.

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