S4Hana Setup

NOTE : Installation on an S4Hana system (from 1709 onwards) is the same as for ECC6 – hence follow all the steps of the main install pages.

These tasks are specific to S4Hana installation and should be done after completing all of the standard installation steps

1: Set up workflow user

If you are using workflow user SAP_WFRT (or any other workflow user) you must set the ID you are using in the decision tree for table /PROMENTA/TM999. If you are using user WF-BATCH (this is the default user id) you do not need to perform the setting below.

Maintenance process is explained here [Global Configuration TM999]

This setup is normally done by Promenta on your behalf at implementation but you must check it.

Set parameter EMAIL / SCOT_SENDER_USERID to be the workflow user id


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