Test Installation (Dataflow-based Solutions)

After successful initial framework test has been completed it is now time to test the Dataflow solution(s) for basic functionality. 

These solutions are :

  • Vendor Master request
  • Customer Master request
  • Material Master request
  • Asset Mater request
  • Manual Payment request
  • General Ledger(GL) account request
  • Cost Centre request
  • CRM Customer request

These solutions all use the Promenta DataFlow framework.

Set up System User/RFC

The vanilla installation will be configured to update the SAP system using a service user with wide authorisations. This can be changed as part of the implementation project later.

Create a System user

This System user will be used in the RFC and must have wide authorisations to enable update of all master data (SAP_ALL is prefered)

Create RFC destination with the below information


Type : 3 (ABAP connection)

Server : Your local server settings 

User : Enter a system user

Default workflow teams

The following workflow teams are configured by default and should be set up and assigned to appropriate users

Creation of teams and assignment to users is carried out with the Promenta Responsibility tool transaction code /PROMENTA/WF_RESP_01

Approver GroupDescription
DEMO_APPROVERGeneral approver
DEMO_COMPANYApprovers at company code level
DEMO_PLANTApprovers at plant level
DEMO_SALESApprovers at Sales area level
DEMO_PURCHASEApprovers at Purchasing organisation leve

Default workflow process

Each DataFlow process defines its own “out-of-the-box” process flow. See the DataFlow process sections for details of each one.

Start the test

Access the Promenta portal via transaction code /PROMENTA/PORTAL to start

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