Test Installation (Journal JP5)

After success initial framework test has been completed it is now time to test the Journal Workflow solution for basic functionality. This is often termed the “Acceptance test” and ensures that the out-of-the-box solution can upload excel files and post into your system.

The Acceptance test does not involve workflow as workflow requires additional user and role setup – however workflow testing can be done after the Acceptance test is completed.


To prepare for the Acceptance test :

  1. A simple posting should be performed in your SAP system using transaction FB01. The test posting should have only 2 lineitems and be simple (for example just GL accounts, amounts and tax codes). This test will prove that you have the SAP authority and configuration in place for a successful post.
  2. Ensure that the total debits/credits are less than 100 USD to skip workflow approval
  3. Next transfer the same posting data to an example excel sheet – an example can be found here : link to Journal Excel page
  4. Ensure that all Promenta showcase roles are assigned to your user

Perform the test

Execute transaction /n/PROMENTA/WSFI_JP005 – this will launch a browser to start the request process

  1. Log in to the solution using your SAP User and password
  2. Select the “Non-recurring posting” option and click Next
  3. On the next screen (Datasource) upload the excel file – a master data validation will occur. Click Next
  4. Review the Header data- it should match the data in your file. Click Next.
  5. Review the Lineitem data. Click Next
  6. On the summary screen you must first perform a posting simulation before you can submit. Click the Simulate button.
  7. If there are no errors then the Simulate button will be replaced with a Submit button. Click the Submit button.
  8. As the amount of the journal is less than the default threshold – no workflow is started and the document posted.
  9. Check that you have a document number.
  10. Review the posted document in SAP using FB03.

Vanilla workflow

Please see here for description of the Vanilla process flow

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