Test Installation

We will now run a test of the installation to ensure all key components are configured properly

0. Preparation

The test user should be assigned the role YZY_PROMENTA_ALL. This is a test role for sandbox testing and cannot be used in production. See here for more information.

1. Start test
Execute test transaction /PROMENTA/WF_TCODE

Enter Weblow Id /PROMENTA/EXMP2_1


2. Open Browser

A web browser should launch automatically

Note for first-time use : it may take some time to show or other errors may occur as the system is compiled. Just restart the test

2A : For Non-Portal (WAS) setup you should see SAP logon as below

2B : For Portal setup you should see Portal logon OR no logon  if SSO is enabled

3. test the screen

The screen below should appear

Check you can use the listboxes, buttons etc.

Check you can upload an attachment

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