KB0027 – Why is Formindex not in sequence?

This is not an error in Promenta – it is normal and expected behaviour.

Background :

The formindex (also know as request number) is a unique identifier for every request in Promenta.

A formindex is generated as soon as your open ANY Promenta solution. Solutions are things like Journal requests, new vendor requests etc.

Also note that other solutions such as the Inbox, Document manager and Portal take a unique index per user as well.


The formindex/request number may appear to be out-of-sequence if the following scenario happens:

  • You make a request
  • Some other user accesses their Promenta Inbox for the first time (and takes the next number)
  • You make another request.

Then you will see a “gap” between your first and second request.


All formindexes, that are not permanently deleted, can be viewed in the Analyser transaction. Remember to remove the status filter if you want to see temporary or marked-for-deletion formindexes.

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