KB0003 – How to raise a support ticket

Note : You must have an existing and active support agreement with Promenta to make use of our support. Promenta does not normally provide support for end-users.

Access the support site here :  https://s2.promenta.com

Access issues (new users, password resets) : email support@promenta.com


You must have user credentials for the support site.

You must be a designated support agent for your organisation. 

You will need :

  • System information where the issue occurred
  • Access to non-production system to replicate the issue
  • Supply email contact details so we can discuss the issue


Access the Promenta support system at the above address.

Please review the FAQs here for instruction and common issues :  Support FAQ

Complete form – supplying as much information as possible

  1. Always choose   : Issue type = Bug 
  2. Enter your contact details (email and/or phone) – without this we will NOT be able to communicate directly.
  3. Please ensure you upload all screenshots and ensure the screenshot is the whole screen not just a section
  4. Ensure that you identify PRODUCTION verses non-production issues

After ticket is raised Promenta will be automatically informed and work on it immediately

For updates please log back into the system – the system will not send emails to you.

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