KB0003 – How to raise a support ticket

Note : You must have an existing and active support agreement with Promenta to make use of our support. Promenta does not normally provide support for end-users.

Access the support site here :  https://support.promenta.com

Access issues (new users, password resets) : email support@promenta.com


You must have user credentials for the support site.

You must be a designated support agent for your organisation. 

You will need :

  • System information where the issue occurred
  • Access to non-production system to replicate the issue
  • Supply email contact details so we can discuss the issue


Access the Promenta support system at the above address.

Logon with your supplied credentials

Click the link “CREATE NEW ISSUE” to open a new support ticket

Complete form – supplying as much information as possible

  1. Always choose   : Issue type = Bug 
  2. Enter your contact details (email and/or phone) – without this we will NOT be able to communicate directly.
  3. Please ensure you upload all screenshots and ensure the screenshot is the whole screen not just a section
  4. Ensure that you identify PRODUCTION verses non-production issues

After ticket is raised Promenta will be automatically informed and work on it immediately

For updates please log back into the system – the system will not send emails to you.


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