KB0005 – Portal Content (NW 7.3)

Note these instructions are specific to Netweaver 7.3 portal (and above)

Webforms and Webflows can be added to a portal in the same way as any other iview. The easiest way to create webflow iviews is to copy and update one of the example delivered iviews that Promenta delivers in its example roles.


Determine the technical id of the webform form – this is available within the ECC / SAP ABAP system and can be seen in transaction /PROMENTA/WFCP


1. Copy the Campaign Manager iview

Path : Portal Content – Content provided by other vendors – End User Content – Promenta:myCommsCentre – iviews
Iview : Campaign Manager

To copy – right-click on the selected iview and select Copy

2. Move to new customer folder location
Navigate to your new folder location where you wish to create the iview

3. Paste Iview
Paste the iview as a copy (NOT delta link)

4. Change ID
Select the newly copied iview – right-click and select Change ID
You should enter a new name and technical ID

Recommendation: use the technical ID of the webflow form in the name so that it can be found again. However you cannot use any forward slashes so just use the part after the forward slash. The example below uses the example webflow id (in ABAP) of /PROMENTA/EXMP2_1 so the id will be exmp2_1

You should also set the name prefix to include your company’s domain name.

5. Update the properties

Right-click and edit the properties

Change the following parameters – other parameters can usually be left as they are:

Description – set to a description that is relevant to this webflow form
MCC WebForm Id – set to the webflow id. In teh example above this would be /PROMENTA/EXMP2_1

6. Add iveiew to pages, worksets and roles as normal

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