KB0006 – Deactivate Responsibility Transport

The default SAP configuration for OM (organisational Management) transports is activated. This means that all changes to workflow routing and user assignments will request a transport if they use the responsibility transaction (OOCU_RESP).

Recommendation : The SAP default delivery config needs to be switched off in most cases

SAP Note 33582 explains the issue – it is mostly relevant to SAP HR.  However workflow uses Organisational Management (OM) for some internal processes. OM used to be part of HR but is now in the basis system

Table T77S0 holds the settings to be updated

•         TRSP/CORR – this stops transport requests for certain OM objects. Normally most OM objects are data not config (employee positions, employee jobs, work centres). Workflow responsibilities are OM objects

•         TRSP/ADMIN – this stops transports being created on change of SAP HR data infotype 0001.
Table T77S0 – set the value of the fields to X

In case of any doubt please contact SAP for further information.

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