KB0009 – UWL Integration

Promenta Webflow enables SAP Netweaver Portal Universal Worklist (UWL) integration for all approval steps.

This article details how to configure the integration


1. Determine install scenario. 

The configuration differs depending on the install scenario (Either PORTAL or WAS-in-portal). 


2. Determine SAP Version.

SAP netweaver 7.4 and above only supports scenario WAS-in-portal. SAP netweaver 7.0 to 7.3 support both PORTAL and WAS-in-Portal – however PORTAL scenario is considered legacy and not recommended for new installation.


3. Setup portal content

Scenario PORTAL
The required content is delivered as part of the epa file. No additional content is required.

Scenario WAS-in-portal
As no portal content is delivered you must create an iview which the uwl may call to execute items.


– determine where in your portal content directory you wish the iview to reside.

– create an iview from the portal application com.promenta.pct.wfbsp.WfBSP 

– Set the parameter MCC Webform ID = DEFAULT.

– determine the location in the PCD of the iview (This will be used later).


4. Obtain uwl XML configuration file

Promenta will supply the appropriate file for your scenario and SAP version.


5. Configure XML file

For WAS-in-portal scenario only
In the provided XML file you will see a property called “iview”. This must contain the pcd path to your created iview.

Example :



6. Install XML file in UWL
The XML file can be uploaded to UWL configuration in the normal way. Note that the XML file is supplied with default system alias of MCC_R3_SYS. If a different system alias is used then the file will required modification to work with the correct alias.

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