KB0015 – Decision Tree Override

Promenta delivers most configuration for our solutions in the form of a Decision Tree. A Decision Tree has a flexible structure unlike a traditional Configuration table and so can be used for a wide variety of different configuration tasks.

Promenta deliver Decision Trees in a namespace – either /PROMENTA/ or /PRMNTCUS/ and customers should not change these or Promenta will overwrite further changes.

Instead customers should copy a Decision Tree and then Override it – this tells the system to use the customer tree rather than the Promenta version.


How to check if you have an Overridden Tree

Step 1 : Run transaction code /PROMENTA/DEC_TREEV3

Step 2 : Enter the Promenta standard tree name and select the Override option

Step 3 : Check if an entry exists.

In image above – decision tree that is actually in use is the one named “Z_WSFI_JP005”

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