KB0017 – Portal to WAS conversion


You are an existing Promenta customer running the Portal technology for User Interface (UI). You are now upgrading to Netweaver 7.4 or higher or you would like to reduce your dependency on Portal technology. 

Hence you are migrating your Promenta Webflow installation from Portal UI technology to ECC (WAS) UI technology


General Approach

To make the technology switch the following approach can be used:

Sandbox Environment

1) Apply latest version of Promenta solutions in Sandbox environment.

2) Apply latest version of the Portal Package (7.4 and higher) if you intent to keep using the portal for Single-sign on.

3) Run the installation guide with scenario either WAS or WAS-in-portal .

4) Set the technology switch in table /PROMENTA/TM999 to be correct value for the scenario.

5) Perform regression testing paying particular attention to look&feel .

6) Identify issues and communicate with Promenta.

Dev system

1) Perform as per Sandbox installation.

2) Apply supplied fixes and updates from Promenta.

3) Apply any additional customer configuration as required.

QA system

1) Perform formal regression testing.

2) Begin planning cut-over activities.

Cut-over considerations

When switching over to new UI technology consider:

1) Currently running requests will be in the system. It is usually best to complete all old request or cancel old requests prior to the switch over.

2) Emails containing links will not work – these include workflow emails.

3) Old links from intranets and portals will not work.

4) Network firewalls may need to be adjusted to allow HTTP access to the ECC systems from end-users.

5) User roles may need to be adjusted to enable access to additional transactions.

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