KB0019 – Hub portal setup

If an SAP portal is involved in a customer landscape it can be used to provide services such as Single-Sign-on and additional security

Promenta supports the following scenarios :
1) Portal 1-to-1 with ECC system.
Each ECC system has its own portal – this is the default install and is documented in the standard setup guide

2) Portal 1-to-many ECC systems [Hub install]
A single portal provides access to multiple ECC systems

This Knowledge Article explains the configuration for scenario 2 – Hub install.

Hub install

The diagram below shows a typical landscape with 4 ECC systems connected to one portal.

Configuration – Portal

In the Portal each ECC systems requires a unique Alias

The Alias should point to the ECC system and the ECC system connection should be set up as a Web Application Server connection

The connection must be tested and working

Note : The Alias will need to be the same on all portals in the landscape (ie same on development, QA and production)

Configuration- ECC

1) Use Transaction SM30 in Development system
2) Table /PROMENTA/TM999
3) Enter the alias for this ECC system in WEBFORMS / PORTAL_SAPALIAS

4) Save in a transport and migrate through the landscape in the normal way


To confirm the Alias is working correctly:

1) Open workbench and execute example form /PROMENTA/EXMPL_2 as described here

2) Check the generated URL – it should contain new parameter as per example below

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